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How to apply Passport with VJC OVERSEAS in Hyderabad

Thanks to Globalization for creating a border-less world, with people and places have come closer and the need for international travel has escalated. The motive behind it can vacation/holidays, business meeting, work, study or research programs. But the prerequisite part before dreaming to fly off to a foreign land is to get a Valid Passport. The hassles (the rules, regulations) involved in trying to get a new passport for your travel can be extremely confusing and it leads to headaches and probably missing your travel opportunity. Looking for tatkal passport agents in Hyderabad? Getting your Passport done through unregistered Passport agents in Hyderabad can create unnecessary hurdles in the process and may overcharge you. Find reliable Passport Consultants in Hyderabad via VJC OVERSEAS. This is where VJC OVERSEAS comes in to save your time and free you from trouble. Our Passport consultants can assist with all your passport needs. Our Passport consultants will work with you and the Passport Seva Kendra to ensure that your passport applications are correctly processed.

Our Passport consultants can help you out by offering a wide array of services. Whether you need a New Passport, renewal of existing passport, Tatkal passport and at last never leave alone your children for a trip, our consultants will get the passport done to a minor also.

How to Book for Tatkal Passport in Hyderabad at VJC OVERSEAS?

Searching for tatkal passport agents in Hyderabad? Booking passport consultants in Hyderabad is easy and simple. Log onto our website or install the user-oriented VJC OVERSEAS app. Click on Document services section & select Passport consultants in Hyderabad. Select the service APPLY NEW, RENEWAL, TATKAL, and PASSPORT FOR MINOR based on what you are looking for. Select the date and time slot when it’s convenient for you to get the service.

A list of Passport in Hyderabad will appear on your mobile/website, you can select the one of your choice based on their ratings and reviews.

Once you avail the service, our passport consultant will contact and guide you on the documents that need to be submitted to Passport Seva Kendra, before they reach your place. Hand over those documents to our consultants your application will be filed in Passport Seva Kendra, and a number of government verifications follow including police verification.

Services Covered by our Passport Consultants in VJC OVERSEAS?

Our Passport consultants offer a broad spectrum of services that include,

Applying for new Passport to individuals, family, and employees.

Renewal for existing Passport holders.

Tatkal Passport service for emergency passport seekers.

Passport to minors.


1. Which are the documents should I have before booking for Passport Consultants in Hyderabad at VJC OVERSEAS?

Basically, if you are applying for new passport, tatkal, the below documents are mandatory For Proof of identity and address; Copy of Driving license Copy of Aadhar card Elector’s photo identity card Certificate of identity signed by Gazetted officer Parent’s Passport Passport of the spouse Water Bill with current address Electricity Bill with current address Landline telephone or Broadband connection Bill Gas (LPG) connection book or piped gas bill Bank passbook Certificate from employer on letterhead with a seal and signature For Proof of Date of birth; Birth Certificate Matriculation Certificate Marriage certificate issued by Registrar of marriages Affidavit affirmed by a Magistrate stating the date of birth You can produce any two out of four mentioned above. For renewal and passport to a minor, our consultants will guide you on what documents have to be enclosed for Passport Seva Kendra.

2. Do you provide a Tatkal passport service?

Yes, when applying for an emergency passport or tatkal passport we suggest hiring our tatkal passport agents in Hyderabad. Book best tatkal passport agents in Hyderabad at VJC OVERSEAS with minimum clicks and they advise you best on Tatkal service.

3. Do you provide passport renewal services in Hyderabad?

Yes, our passport consultants do assist with passport renewal services in Hyderabad to Indian passport renewal and foreign passport renewal services. Place a request for passport renewal and select the consultant based on their reviews and ratings.


4. I have lost my passport. Will your consultants help me on this issue?

Sure, our consultants will help you out on all possible issue that you are facing related to Passport.

5. I need to inquire about the new passport service charges?

Sure you can drop your details at reach us VJC or call +91-9133057000 for passport inquiry in Hyderabad. Our customer executive will assist you with your requirement.

6. Do you provide passport service to minor?

According to revised rules, a minor should have his/her own passport. Children name cannot be attached to a parent’s passport. Our consultants provide passport service to children/minor.

7. How long does it take to get a normal passport?

By hiring our consultants it usually takes 25-30 days to get your passport. The benefit you get by availing our service is your passport process never gets delayed.

8. What are the charges for opting your service?

Before booking for the service our app displays the cost of hiring our consultants to assist you with your requirements. The charges displayed is purely for consultation additionally, they may charge you extra for obtaining affidavits, attestation, for change in address or name corrections.

9. Do you provide service for Short validity passport?

SVP service is provided by some of our passport consultants, please check the profile of various consultants listed prior to booking.

10. Will I get my acknowledgment number after completing verification?

Yes, once you complete the verification process, the Passport Seva Kendra will send acknowledgment number directly to your registered mobile number. In case you did not receive, you can always contact our consultant who assisted you on Passport.

11. Who will deliver the Passport?

The passport will be delivered to you via post to the address you mentioned in the application. If not received within the stipulated time feel free to contact our consultants who processed your applications.

12. How do I make the payment?

You can choose to pay online, or via debit card/ credit card, cash. We have created a VJC OVERSEAS wallet for our customer just load it with cash and pay us!

13. Which areas do you currently provide service?

Presently, we provide service PAN Hyderabad, book at any location in Hyderabad we’ll serve you.



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