Social Media Guidelines

What we do?

We engage with our customers, communities, and stakeholders on

We welcome you and your comments and hope you will interact with VJC OVERSEAS on our social media platforms. We respond to feedback with respect and courtesy and request our friends and fans do the same.

We welcome constructive feedback, but we reserve the right to remove any comments that are inappropriate due to foul language, attacking of a single person or group, unsupported accusations, or spam that explicitly promotes a product or service. If contact information is available, we will notify comment authors personally to let them know their comments have been removed. We reserve the right to ban repeat offenders.

We strive to respond to as many relevant questions and comments as possible, but we reserve the right to use our judgment in selecting the messages to which we respond.

Following a social media account does not constitute an endorsement; the same applies to re-posting/tweeting a message or noting it as a ‘favorite.’ The posting and presence of content on our social media sites do not necessarily mean VJC OVERSEAS agrees with the content, ensures its accuracy or otherwise approves of it. Nothing in our social media pages constitutes a binding representation, agreement or an endorsement on the part of VJC OVERSEAS.