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What is a Job Seeker Visa? :

Very Highly Qualified Workers can apply for an Austria job seeker visa from India is granted for 6 months and called a long-term Residence permit visa that allows immigrants to live in Austria and explore for a job for six months in their respective fields. In the span of six months, if the applicant is successful in getting a job, it can be converted to Austria work Permit or the Austria work visa.

After you apply for the most sought Austria job seeker visa from India you can apply for a Red-White-Red card at the qualified residence authority in Austria if you obtain a job offer during the visa's validity period. If you have received an employment offer, you can apply for a Red-White-Red card with the competent Austrian representation in your home country or your country of residence.

Austria job seeker visa from India

VJC Overseas being a leader in visa processing for majority of the European countries has placed number of applicants in Austria, applying for an Austria job seeker visa from India, entitles you to apply for this Red-White-Red Card and Red White Red Card plus which is a mixture of a residency permission and an employment permit and an applicant can change his job at any point of time which is issued in the form of a bank card. It is valid for 2 years and authorizes the holder to a positive employer's agreement and employment. You ought to apply for a brand-new Red-White-Red Card in case you change jobs within the first 2 years.

The eligibility to apply for the Austria job seeker visa from India is an applicant must hold minimum 5 years of experience in their related field. Must be around 45 years of age. Applicant must have Qualification and must be equivalent to MINT (Mathematics, informatics, natural sciences or technology) / STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) Subjects

  • IELTS Required
  • Sum total of allowable points: 100
  • Minimum of required points: 70
  • You may either enter Austria on a Job Seeker Visa or a Tourist Visa to search for jobs.
Processing Time:

3-4 months

Benefits / Advantages :

Earn in Euro’s

Health Benefits

Free Education for Children (18 years).

Can take family

Convert the visa into Work permit and immediately can apply for Red White Red CARD

After 5 years can apply for permanent residence visa

Process Flow :

Sign up with VJC Immigration and Visa consultants

You will be allocated to a case officer who will guide you through required documents & process

Visa interview date will be booked by us (if required)

Case officer will assist you in filling visa application forms and the motivation letter

Required documents and funds statement need to be submitted at visa office

Guidance on traveling and job search in Austria

VJC Services :

Visa Assistance & Job Assistance

Visa Assistance :

Slot Booking

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