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Greece Investor Visa


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Greece Permanent Residence Permit Progamme:

VJC Overseas, Apply for a Greece golden visa to enter the country. You and your family will discover why Greece is one of the most incredible vacation spots. This paradise is one of the most popular tourist destinations on the planet, thanks to its stunning environment, friendly people, fascinating history, and delectable cuisine.

Programme Introduction. Greece offers you an opportunity to ramble beaches of sentimental sand and waves while enjoying ample sunshine and stunning views of rugged mountains meeting enchanting seas. When the evening lights are lit, a more romantic atmosphere is difficult to imagine.

The Greece golden visa scheme, which began in July 2013, offers a five-year residency permit in exchange for a real estate investment. There is no minimum stay requirement, and the family application includes children up to the age of 21. If the property investment is maintained, the visa is issued for five years and may be renewed every five years. To keep and renew an investment visa, it is not necessary to dwell in the nation. Citizenship, on the other hand, can only be given after seven years of residency Greece is found at the southernmost a part of the Balkan Peninsula in Southeastern Europe, covers a neighborhood of 131,957 square kilometers. As the birthplace of European civilization, it’s built one among the world’s most long-standing civilizations, which isn’t only a valuable cultural legacy to its offspring but also a priceless treasure to all humankind.

The advantages of the Greece golden visa are, the entire family can obtain residence permits through a single application mand obtain residence permits with the lowest required investment amount among Schengen Zone. It’s quite an easy procedure where there is no requirement for education, language level, business backgrounds. From the time of investment until the time the Residency Permit is issued, the application process takes about 40 days.

The Greece golden visa programme is classified as a residency investment programme rather than a citizenship by investment programme due to the requirement of residency in the country. Citizenship is available to those who are devoted to residing in Greece. Greece has a very Friendly and Comfortable Living Environment Ranked one of the friendliest countries in the world with the lowest crime rates in Europe. You and family can have access to the same free Public Healthcare as Greek Citizens.

High-quality Education, Free access to Greek public schools during the compulsory education period or freely choose from the prestigious international schools.

An applicant has the privilege to Join the Greek Nationality Investors in Greece by applying for the Greece golden visa and can apply for naturalization after 7 years of legal residence (children in Greece with 6 years of public education or more can apply for naturalization)

Fees For the property purchase and visa application, the government, notary, and lawyer fees will total roughly €15,000. In addition, new property transactions in Greece are subject to a 24 percent VAT.




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