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Portugal Investor Visa


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Portugal Golden Residence Permit Programme:

For Indians looking to invest in a foreign property, apply for a Visa to Portugal from India. The Portugal Golden Visa is the most popular option. Apart from the ideal Mediterranean climate, a growing population of foreign businesses, and a high standard of living, the Portugal Golden Visa will provide a safe haven for Indian families.

When you apply for a Visa to Portugal from India, you must make one of the following investments to be eligible for a Golden Visa in Portugal: Purchase a property with a minimum value of €500,000. The investment amount is €400,000 if you buy in a low-density region. Invest €350,000 on a property in a revitalization zone in Portugal.

Entrepreneurs from India who choose to live in Portugal on a Golden Visa would find it easy to adjust because the Portuguese are fluent in English, making business transactions and ordinary talks more comfortable. This makes meeting new people and developing new friendship circles in Portugal simple, while also giving you the opportunity to practice your native language.

Portugal may be known around the globe for its Port wine and soccer sensation Cristian Ronaldo, but here at Nomad Capitalist. A Visa to Portugal from India for investment is opting for one of the best Golden Visa schemes in the world.

For individuals wishing to live in or become a citizen of a European country approach the right Visa Investor consultants and apply for Visa to Portugal from India, Portugal’s quality of life is a huge attraction. Portugal’s Golden Visa programme is the European equivalent of an open-door invitation to do precisely that for anyone with enough money.

Because of the ongoing epidemic, users of this golden visa can relocate at any time during the COVID-19 to the safest country in Europe. To prevent the virus from spreading, the country devised a safety routine in hotels and public locations such as restaurants and shops.

The fact that Portugal offers a top-notch Tier A passport is first and foremost. Portuguese passport holders will be able to travel to 186 countries without a visa as of 2021. Holding a Visa to Portugal from India and attaining a residency you will be living in the most visa-free country in the world and holding a passport which is the sixth most powerful passport in the world.

Advantages of the Programme:
  • 1 person’s application, benefitting 3 generations is allowed to apply for permanent residence after five years, allowed to apply for Portuguese nationality after six years.
  • There are no requirements for certification of financial sources, no business background requirements, no educational background requirements, no language requirements, and no age limitations.
  • Minimal stay period requirements, permitted to work, permitted to conduct business.
  • Real estate can be sold after 5 years with no effect on the residence, and real estate appreciation rates benefit investors. Real estate can be leased out to earn rental income.
  • Visa-free access to the other 26 countries of the EU.
  • Become a European resident and enjoy the benefits of the European countries. Non-global tax country, there is no need to worry about the loss of assets.
  • Global asset allocation, safeguard asset from depreciation.
Application Conditions :
  • Main applicant:
  • Purchase real estate property in Portugal with a value equal to or above €500,000.
  • Must be over 18 years of age.
  • Must be Non-EU country.
  • Must provide proof of no criminal.
  • Must provide proof of qualifying health.
  • Dependent applicants (Family Reunification)
  • The spouse of the main.
  • Children under 18 years.
  • Children over 18 years old who are single, studying and financially dependent on the main applicant and also parents (of both main applicant and spouse) who are financially dependent on the main applicant.


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