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Why Study in Germany?

The most amazing thing about studying in Germany is that there is no tuition fee at public universities in Germany. Higher education in Germany is mostly financed by the government, making it practically free for both domestic and foreign students. So, to make the dream of studying abroad possible to many who worry about the tuition fee, VJC Overseas most preferred German Consultancy in Hyderabad is here to help you. The German higher education system is made up of about 400 institutions, divided into public “tuition-free” institutions with over 2.4 million students and a smaller number of private institutions with less than 5% of the total student population

Degrees that are internationally recognized by all German universities now follow the Bologna reform, which ensures that all students receive a single and globally recognized degree, such as a bachelor’s, master’s, or doctorate. If you want to know more about these new reforms, VJC Overseas, the most trusted German Consultancy in Hyderabad can give you a clear idea.

English-taught study programs are the most benefitted programs for the international students especially from India that is why VJC Overseas the reliable German Consultancy in Hyderabad has been striving hard to help students to study in Germany at a very affordable cost. Studying in Germany is not only free, but it can also be done in English if your German skills aren’t up to par. English is a commonly spoken foreign language that is taught as a second language in the majority of schools worldwide.

If you choose to stay in Germany after completing your studies then we at VJC Overseas German Consultancy in Hyderabad will completely guide you through the entire process and make it a piece of cake for you. Because if you study in Germany, you will have the opportunity to stay and work after graduation. International graduates are allowed to stay for an additional 18 months to look for work under the law, and you can choose to stay longer if you so desire.




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VJC Overseas is one of India’s International premier student services firms, assisting students in gaining admission to their dream destinations and top German institutions. We assist and provide guidance for a Visa to study in Germany. We deliver exceptional admissions counselling services that have assisted numerous students in gaining admission to prestigious Colleges and universities.

If you’re unsure what steps you need to take to study in Germany and are overwhelmed by the quantity of information accessible, you’ve come to the correct place to VJC Overseas Germany education consultants in Hyderabad to apply for a Visa to study in Germany.

We’ve broken down the process of studying in Germany for an international student into simple steps. Follow these steps one at a time to stay on track with where you are today and what you need to do to make your goal of studying in Germany a reality.

Studying in Germany Has Its Advantages

  • Staff and infrastructure in higher education are excellent.
  • Degrees that are recognized internationally.
  • English-taught study programmes are available.
  • Job possibilities abound.
  • A chance to learn about many elements of German life.
  • Choosing to stay in Germany after completing your education
  • Duly filled out and signed national visa application form.
  • Your valid national passport.
  • Two photocopies of your passport.
  • Your certificate of birth.
  • Your marriage certificate. (If applicable).
  • Your child’s certificate of birth. (If applicable).
  • Your recent passport-style photographs. (Up to 3).
  • Funds statement
  • Proof of University Admission
  • Evidence of your earlier education.
  • Find Accommodation
  • Your valid passport
  • A passport photo’s
  • Your Visa or Residence Permit
  • Completed and signed Application Form
  • Degree qualifications (original documents or certified copies)
  • The Letter of Admission
  • Proof of health insurance in Germany (You can get your health insurance here.)
  • The payment fee receipt


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