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Become recognized worldwide and earn your reputed degree from the USA

Many students from India and world-wide choose the United States because of its great reputation in higher education. The United States’ higher education system, which includes over 4500 universities across the country, is always held in high regard, is exceedingly prestigious, and has a significant impact on the rest of the world. A degree from a top US university is unquestionably equivalent to global citizenship and you can attain this through VJC Overseas who are one of the relied USA education consultants in Hyderabad.

Why choose USA

We at VJC Overseas as one of the USA education consultants in Hyderabad encourage our students for enrollment in the USA because of the preferred options offered by the universities as mentioned below.

Academic flexibility- The American higher education system provides students with a variety of options based on their requirements and interests.

Funding options: Scholarships for Indian students to study in the United States are awarded based on academic excellence and distinction in other non-scholastic activities. Get to know more about the scholarships offered with our student experts at VJC Overseas and the most chosen USA education consultants in Hyderabad

Options for research and training- At the graduate level, U.S. universities provide international students with research and training opportunities.

International chances: – An international degree opens up a world of job opportunities, and a degree from a reputable university brings up a world of opportunities. Enhanced campus life: It is frequently stated that American society is the epitome of liberty, enjoyment, and opportunity.


Get to know the benefits and drawbacks about the intakes through VJC Overseas who are one of the most relied USA education consultants in Hyderabad. Fall, Spring, and Summer are the three major terms offered by American institutions to students.

The Fall intake, which runs from August through December, is preferred by the majority of Indian students. During the fall semester, there are several funding sources accessible, and colleges provide a varied range of course options for fall enrollment. Part-time work options are available. Internships and post-graduate career opportunities are available.

January to April is the start of the spring season. Universities offer fewer financing options in the autumn semester and a smaller number of courses in the spring semester. There are less options to work on campus and as a researcher. Only a few are available & because most of the autumn applicants have already been hired, there are a limited number of job opportunities remaining.

The Three types of Visas:

VJC Overseas the most trusted and successful USA education consultants in Hyderabad does process different Types of student visas as per the applicant’s background and requirements.

F-1 Student visas are required to attend an accredited US college or university or to study English at an English language institute in the United States.

J Visa is for participation in an exchange programme, including high school and university study

M Visa is for participation in an exchange programme, including high school and university study for non-academic or occupational study or training in the United States, a student visa is required.

Documents required for a US student visa

Most students who wish to pursue their studies overseas opt for the F-1 Student Visa. There are three major steps to its procedure, being mad simple and easy with VJC Overseas one of the USA education consultants in hyderabad

Step 1- Once you pay the SEVIS fee, you are given an I-20 form from your new school or college. Duly fill the form and bring along for your F-1 interview

Step 2- Pay your visa fee at the designated bank and collect the visa form. Duly fill the form and bring along for your interview

Step 3- Schedule a visa interview with the US embassy in your country. The waiting time may vary depending on the visa type. Once you complete the interview successfully, you’ll receive your visa 120 days in advance


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