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For immigration purpose or studying abroad and applying for admission and visas, is hands down and a life-changing decision, all great events and affairs of life only come true with earnest effort and hard work. Migration and studies abroad involves a lot of regulations and procedures with which, a lot of people are not aware of and face challenges to get through the process, especially for students  We at VJC OVERSEAS over the years have deeply involved into the process have gained immense experience and we are continuously guiding students who wish to study abroad and fulfill their career dreams. We focus not only to make the education abroad process hassle-free but also helps in saving the applicant’s money.

when it comes to studying abroad, forex is one among the top requirements and students need to be aware where they can grab the best on buying foreign currencies. Bearing in mind that the student’s or any professionals are putting in a huge sum of funds into education and also for migration program we at VJC OVERSEAS offer the best for students and professionals moving overseas that can help you save on air tickets for your study abroad.

Prepaid card for travelers

It’s quite comfortable and easy to travel with prepaid forex cards, and are the most recommended.  These cards are Visa or Mastercard cards and are accepted abroad at most of the ATMs and stores/ hotels etc.

When people travel overseas during holiday seasons, it brings for them newfound excitement of discovering new places whilst capturing some unforgettable moments. Noticed widely, travelers are likely to visit quite a number of countries to gain the utmost from a single vacation. This challenge to organize multiple currencies through foreign exchange services, booking of flights turn out to be an expensive affair and carrying traveler’s cheques and cash of various currencies may become expensive as it calls for extra payment for each encashment. Losing the traveler’s cheque involves a lengthy procedure to retrieve it. So, it’s best advised to go paperless with the forex Prepaid Card. This ensures a safe and convenient journey. The benefit of a prepaid Forex card is, it has NO transaction fee like debit or credit cards

The borderless prepaid card can be used in nine different currencies

  1. US Dollars
  2. Australian Dollars
  3. British Pounds
  4. Euro
  5. Canadian Dollars
  6. Swiss Francs
  7. Singapore Dollars
  8. Japanese Yen
  9. Arab Emirates Dirham etc.,


1. What is a Travel insurance?

when it comes to pursuing studies abroad, forex is the chief needs of students. They need to keep an eye out for the most lucrative offers that they can avail. Keeping in view the huge amount of investment in education by students, we at VJC OVERSEAS offer assistance with an attractive forex offer that can help you save on air tickets for your study abroad.

2. What is travel insurance for travellers?

People who travel extensively, we have designed the travel insurance package which is a unique product with various currencies loaded on the same card, thus avoiding the need to carry multiple cards for different destinations.

3. What are the advantages of Travel insurance?

The advantages may vary, however, an Indian citizen may get benefit from many favorable travel arrangements with countries around the world. For several countries, you will need a valid travel visa in order to enter.

4. Benefits & Uses of Forex Cards?

When traveling abroad if or by any chance your wallet is lost or snatched and this is the worst thing that can happen to you.  You will lose everything from cash to credit and debit cards, required for your transactions, payments. A Forex card eases this issue by eliminating the need to carry money.

The forex card helps you travel safe, you can keep your cards and valuables back at the hotel. With all transactions going digital now a forex card will help you stay up and close with the fast pacing world.

5. How much can I spend from a forex card?

Forex Card has a limit on the amount of cash that can be recharged as per the traveler’s wishes so there is no chance of overspending. Forex Card is the key to smart money management.

6. When can I buy forex before travelling?

Travelers are advised to or place an order at least 3 working days prior to the date of travel. The time taken for delivery is usually about 2 working days after contacting the customer.



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