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Why study in Malaysia ?


VJC being the best abroad educational consultants and one of the esteemed Malaysia Consultancy in Hyderabad has spread its wings in south East Asian countries like Malaysia and other continents as well. The trend to study in Malaysia is quickly becoming a popular choice among international students due to its high educational standards. The institutions in Malaysia is ranked among the top 200 universities in the world. Malaysia’s best attribute is its international student population, which includes students from India. Malaysia now has over 100,000 international students from over 150 countries.

The idea of studying in Malaysian universities are steadily developing and aren’t far behind universities that provide world-class education, VJC Overseas, Malaysia consultancy in Hyderabad encourages students to get admitted in Malaysia because the countries education system emphasis on international standards, not being on par with those in other Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore. several universities offer courses in computer science and engineering that are among the top 100 in the world.

About Malaysia:

Malaysia offers international students many options for quality education programs at an affordable cost and is becoming a preferred country for foreign investment in the higher education sector. Comparatively low expenditure of studying and living. VJC Overseas one of the Malaysia consultancy in Hyderabad follows straight forward immigration procedures and students can have the benefit to experience great destinations. for travel during their vacations and get to learn another language as Malaysia is a multi-language country. & multi-ethnic nation with a vast variety of cultures.

VJC Overseas one of the top consultants lined in as Malaysia consultancy in Hyderabad has placed number of students in most of the Malaysian universities who hold their lectures in English. Malaysia has a lower cost of living and studying than countries such as Australia, the United States, the United Kingdom, France, and Canada. An undergraduate course at the University of Nottingham’s UK campus costs £13,470, while the same course at the Malaysia campus costs MYR 39,990 (roughly £7,000). The course has the same module material and assessment requirements as the previous one.

While studying in Malaysia through the assistance of Malaysia consultancy in Hyderabad- VJC Overseas, international students also have the exceptional opportunity to combine which allows them to finish their undergraduate degrees at different partnering universities in different nations. The US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, and the UK are among the participating nations.

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