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Why study in Malaysia ?

As one of Hyderabad’s most prestigious Malaysia consultancies and one of the top overseas education consultants, VJC has expanded throughout South East Asia, including Malaysia, and other continents. Because of its strong educational standards, studying in Malaysia is fast becoming a popular option for overseas students. One of the top 200 universities in the world is Malaysia’s institution.

Malaysia is becoming a favored destination for foreign investment in the higher education industry and provides international students with a wide range of options for reasonably priced, high-quality educational programs. relatively modest living and study expenses. One of the Hyderabad-based Malaysia consultants, VJC Overseas, adheres to simple immigration processes so that students can enjoy fantastic travel experiences. for vacation travel and the opportunity to pick up a new language, as Malaysia is a multilingual nation. & multiethnic country with a wide range of cultural traditions.

International students studying in Malaysia with the help of VJC Overseas, a Malaysian consultancy in Hyderabad, also have the wonderful chance to combine, which enables them to complete their undergraduate degrees at many partner universities in other countries. Participating countries include the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, France, Germany, and the UK.

Benefits of studying in Malaysia

Courses taught in English. PTE and IETLS are not needed.

There are opportunities for internships.Part-time employment: 20 hours a week

Lower living costs and tuition. High-quality instruction in a contemporary, secure setting.

Ages up to 30 yrs is OK.

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