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Studying in Philippines


Studying in Philippines boasts one of Asia’s top higher education institutions in addition to being a stunning nation. The Philippines, which provides inexpensive English-language education, draws more than 5,000 international students annually, the majority of whom are from East Asian nations.

Studying in Philippines: What to do?

Some of the most well-liked academic specialties among foreign students in the Philippines are , business degrees, Degrees of education, engineering degrees, IT and computer science in the medical degrees

The Philippines, an expanding market in Asia and a recently industrialized nation, has seen a rise in the number of international students studying there. It is also a well-liked tourist destination, which is understandable given its gorgeous, sunny beaches. Studying in the Philippines allows students to experience the intriguing blend of Islamic, Malay, Spanish, and American influences on Filipino culture. But the Philippines offers more than just a beautiful coastline.

Not only is the Philippines a breath-taking country, but it also offers one of Asia’s best universities. Studying in the Philippines offers an affordable choice for studying in English. Every year, the Philippines welcomes over 5,000 international students from all over the world, the majority of them are from East Asian countries.

In the Philippines, there are over 2,300 private higher education institutions. The nation’s history of colonization is reflected in the Roman Catholicism associated with numerous universities. Studying in Philippines will benefit a student by getting financial support.  The national university and University of the Philippines, is the biggest financially supported public institution in the country.

Tuition for both private and public universities is between 500 and 2,000 EUR per academic year. Certain study programmes have no set fees; in these cases, the tuition is determined by the quantity of credits or courses taken.

Because of the effects of Spanish and American colonisation, studying in the Philippines you can enjoy numerous festivals that preserve traditions like folk dancing, Filipino culture blends elements of the west and the east. You’ll have loads of free time to enjoy swimming, surfing, diving, and snorkelling because of the country’s tropical climate. 

Being proficient in English should help you get by because it’s one of the official languages of the nation and is spoken by most people, albeit less so outside of major cities. In your spare time, there’s no shortage of breath-taking natural locations to discover, including charming beaches, astounding coral reefs.

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