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Smoothen up your Migration Processing with expert Assistance from VJC Overseas, The Best Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad and the most reliable Australia Immigration Consultants since 2009.

Australia is a country with the best economic steadiness since years and has been maintaining its steadfast progress and applicants will be satisfied with what Australia offers to its migrants. Settle in the nation called Down-Under is so famous among thousands of individuals passionate and keen to relocate across the world to this nation. Also, during COVID, the country had one of the lowest numbers of cases, and the economy began to improve after the lockdown was lifted. Be that as it may, while the nation opens a world of choices to the individuals who move to it, the securing of Australian relocation isn’t simple. This is on the grounds that there are unlimited prerequisites, documentation and considerably more included, and dealing with the entirety of this all alone can get rather problematic. Rather than taking a chance with the accomplishment of your visa application approach the right Australia Immigration Consultants in Hyderabad VJC Overseas and secure as permanent resident visa to Australia.

VJC Overseas offers the knowledge and experience to assist you in submitting a successful application. VJC Overseas being one of the Australia Immigration Consultants are partnered with  RMA certified specialists who can examine your application and assist you in filing it with confidence.

Benefits: -

Why Australia: -

Australia’s permanent migration programme gives roughly 160,000 visas every year, with the highest number of visas awarded to highly skilled applicants, according to VJC Overseas Australia Immigration Consultant, many occupations are in high demand, including IT, engineering, hospitality, and health care. PA’s average income ranges from INR 30 lakhs to INR 55 lakhs.

These visas granted are based on points. Applicant has to score minimum of 65 points. The points are granted based on an applicant’s attributes like, age, work experience, English language proficiency, partner’s qualifications etc. get a spot evaluation with the Australia Immigration Consultant and settle down- under with a permanent resident visa to Australia

Australia has classified their visa types in many categories as given below: -

Skilled Independent Subclass 189 visa

Subclass 189 visa allows an applicant to live in any part of Australia without any conditions.

Skilled Independent Subclass 190 visa

Sub class 190 is a state or territory sponsored skilled independent migrant visa. Applicant has an obligation to that particular state or territory for the first two years of visa grant

Skilled Independent Subclass 491 visa

Subclass 491 visa This is a temporary visa. It is for talented specialists who need to live and work in territorial Australia. You must be nominated to apply by a state or territory government agency, or an eligible relative must sponsor you and have an occupation on a relevant skilled occupation list, have a suitable skills assessment for the occupation be invited to apply & satisfy the points test​

Apart from these there are many more visas for parents like subclass 173 and 143, global talent visas sub class 858, Parent visa subclass 103, Prospective Marriage visa subclass 300 & many more.

In the process of relocating and if you are searching for overall frank and real-world assistance with your visa application from a dependable migration advisor in Hyderabad, look no further as let your inquiry reach a VJC Overseas. We hold the expertise and a strong team in assisting professionals in realizing their dreams into reality by making it feasible for them to speed up their migration process. As far as VJC Overseas is concerned, the main necessity is to lead you nearer to your dream of living in Australia. You ought to connect with VJC Overseas!




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