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South Africa

Congratulations! you’ve come to the right spot for expert advice on South Africa’s vital skills visa. Apply for the South Africa visa from India and allow VJC Overseas, Hyderabad’s most trusted certified immigration agent, to lead you through the best options and routes available to you to land in South Africa, with 100% percent backing and you will have access to our dedicated help desk on just a call and will be assisted with our dedicated immigration consultant if you want VJC Overseas to assist you with your South Africa critical skills visa and the South Africa visa from India

About South Africa

Work in South Africa on a Critical Skills Working and settle down. South Africa is one of the world’s most beautiful nations, has seen a rapid increase in its economic and cultural profile over the last two decades. It also has a vibrant expat population, with residents from India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, and other countries. VJC Overseas will assist you in taking advantage of this opportunity and establishing a presence in South Africa with your South Africa visa from India on a critical skill visa

About the critical skill Visa: -

The Critical Skills Work Visa for South Africa is for qualified professionals whose occupations are on the critical shortage occupation list. It allows workers with this visa to travel to South Africa and look for jobs. After the applicant has found work, the application can be converted to a work permit. This Visa is a permit given to applicants who have unique skills or credentials that are hard to come by in South Africa. A Critical Skills Visa is only valid for a maximum of five years. The visa will be granted for a duration of one year and does not require a job offer.

The spouse and dependent children of a holder of a critical skills work visa are granted an appropriate visa that is valid for the same time as the applicant’s critical skills work visa.

Eligibility: -

To be eligible an applicant must demonstrate that their abilities fall into the critical skill group. Have a credential assessment along with the certificate of registration from their related professional body. Proof of at least five years of post-qualification experience. A letter of encouragement demonstrating how the applicant’s vital skills would help South Africa.

How Can VJC Overseas Assist You?

VJC Overseas has the expertise and experience to help you through every phase of your Critical Skills Work Visa application and help you get the South Africa visa from India.

Among the services we provide are: Checklist for Immigration Documents Process the application fully. Forms, paperwork, and application submission Follow-up and updates Services for job hunting In South Africa, relocation and post-landing assistance are available.

Your VJC Overseas consultant will walk you through the process and assist you in submitting an application that has the best chance of being accepted. Contact us right now

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