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  • 1.Canada welcomed over 19,000 immigrants in June
  • 2.Canada welcomed nearly 19,200 new permanent residents in June 2020 since the start of the coronavirus pandemic.
  • 3.Top 10 immigrant source countries in June 2020 (PR numbers in brackets) were invited: India (6,760) ,China (2,010) ,Philippines (900) ,USA (740) ,Pakistan (595), Brazil (560), United Kingdom (535) ,Nigeria (530) ,Iran (390) ,South Korea (355)
  • 4. Canada targeted for 341,000 immigration candidates. Among these, 91,800 were invited under the Federal High Skilled while 67,800 would fall under the Provincial Nominee Program.
  • 5. Australia :As per June invitation rounds Australia started picking with low scores than previous draws . points selected 85 in latest draw of 189 subclass and 75 points in 491.
  • 6. After Pandemic Australia targeted picking applications of Engineers and IT professionals on high priority
  • 7. Canada Express Entry: CRS drops 2 points from previous draw invited with 476 Score
  • 8. Good News for students applying for student visa Germany ,Embassy in New Delhi and the Consulate General in Mumbai have introduced facility for external application submission at the Missions’ Service Provider, VFS (locations in Delhi and Mumbai only)
  • 9.CANADA: India stands top among all who received ITA`s under Express Entry in 2019- India has received 47% of all ITAs.
  • 10. New Zealand: Demand for ‘Highly Skilled’ workers is forecast to grow faster than overall jobs over the next three years. High Demand for IT professions are considered under the absolute shortage skill list.
  • 11. Prince Edward Island PNP accepting applications | Express Entry Program
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