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Star your International Job Search With VJC OVERSEAS. The world is open with opportunities for skilled professional, however finding the proper one at the proper time takes ability. VJC OVERSEAS Job Search Services follows an intensive method to confirm our applicants have the best probability of finding the right Job abroad as quickly as we can with our potential team. VJC OVERSEAS job search specialists have worldwide data and help professionals reach out to employers and become noticeable to recruiters, employers across the globe.

Why VJC OVERSEAS and what Strategies we follow:

We at VJC OVERSEAS offer job search services for most of the countries worldwide as per the choice of the applicant.

Over the years we have honed our job search services so as to extend your success rate. Our prime role is to help you realize your goal of getting employment abroad by the following strategies we follow.

Our team creates a complete report scrutinizing your profile in your country of choice.

  • Opportunity Research: We determine the trends in each country. we offer these services to draw out more job offers for you. we also have the inclination to conjointly assist you in improving and advise to enhance your profile on various boards.
  • Job Applications: We hold a propensity to record your profile on several portals, job sites and simultaneously apply to all the relevant job postings on behalf of you.

We at VJC OVERSEAS hold a trait of commitment to help you find the right job abroad. Our structure of services warrants you to usually have the backing you wish to have during each phase of the process whilst seeking a suitable opening abroad

How do you get benefit?

Most of the skilled professional is busy with their own work and busy schedules, they’re powerless to speculate their time in looking out, or googling where and within which country to focus on suiting their profile, therefore once an aspirant approach VJC OVERSEAS for help, we assist them to realize finding appropriate employment overseas. We have the tendency to establish one or a few countries wherever there’s a requirement for his or her profile. we have a tendency to conjointly assist in targeting employers, open jobs, jobs posted by employers, overseas recruitment agencies. we hire the most effective players in the market who have the aptitude to spot appropriate opening and who have the insight to know every and each profile that gets registered with VJC for help to find them appropriate jobs and in their targeted country of selection or even proactively advises on that country would be easier further as recommend wherever there’s a lot of demand for his or her profile.

Walking the line with you:

We at VJC OVERSEAS feel the anxiety as well as the pain when you apply for a Job and don’t get any responses, at times it may seem like there isn’t anyone on the other end of your application. We at VJC OVERSEAS will assure to a large extent from our professional experience, that there is. Not only that, but recruiters who post on job boards are – believe it or not.

What we do is:

We Follow Directions.

We read the job listing and follow instructions to the ads posted. We demonstrate that we read, peruse and follow directions.

Cherry-pick opportunities. Rather than sending profiles randomly to employers in a single hour, we tend to spend time writing one formidable and persuasive cover letter. based on our professional experience, haphazard spamming with the regular and same resume & cover letter will not get you any closer to employment and recruiters won’t consider you as a serious candidate. So, we at VJC OVERSEAS do our best to choose the right tactic to gain responses from employers and recruiters.

We make sure we write an appealing cover letter that directly speaks to the needs of the employer. Write about your experience, putting it in the perspective of the potential employer and how your skills are relevant to the job by overhauling your resume to reach the next level of your career and hit the right target.

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  • These visas are points-based, for skilled professionals who can qualify independently or through a state, territory, Regional/family sponsor. These visas allow you to live and work permanently anywhere in Australia and can also migrate with their immediate family members.
  • The 189 and 190 subclass visas is a permanent residence visa granted for 5 years and allow all the visa-holders added in the application to remain in Australia indefinitely with full work rights.
  • Subclass 489 is a regional or family migration sponsored visa for 4 years on the temporary status and can be converted to PR by meeting the criteria of 2 years of stay with one year of full-time employment.

Resume Marketing Time Period:

VJC offers resume marketing service for different periods.

  • 1 Month of resume marketing.
  • 2 Month of resume marketing.
  • 3 Month of resume marketing.

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What our clients say about us!

Miryala Rohithreddy
Miryala Rohithreddy
Read More
Recently i got my study visa in Australia and i am very happy with their services regarding my profile and i thank to swathi madam for her support and i highly recommend you to join this vjc counsultancy to get u r visa on time.
Ashok Korrapati
Ashok Korrapati
Read More
@Swathi. very encouraging , guiding consultancy. I was feeling so proud on VJC because they were assisted me well than other consultancy and I'm happy to found this consultancy... and if anybody wants to visit in your dream country I got my F1 Visa 🙂 Thank you so much VJC 🙂
Hemanth Challa
Hemanth Challa
Read More
best consultancy which i have visited so for., and i got my student visa for australia., best receiving by the consultants(swathi madam) in the premisses and the updates they give to the students. Very thankfull to be here.
Alekya Shetty
Alekya Shetty
Read More
A good consultancy to approach for your visa process. They care and guide you in a right way.Good response for everything and on time. Thanks to VJC (Veni Ma’m).I got my f2 visa.
Vijaya Lakshmi Nuthalapati
Vijaya Lakshmi Nuthalapati
Read More
Very good consultants and gave lot of info about various universities.Good assistance from them... really fulfills the customer satisfaction...... thanks to VJC team.
Mohd. Sohail Armaan
Mohd. Sohail Armaan
Read More
i am very happy with these consultancy service. they helped me lot and n encourged with my scores. I would like thank Veni mam Ganesh Sir for his help and supporting me always….:)

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